Coach Foppapedretti Volley Bergamo Coach, Italy
Products: ACCAPI FIR base-layer PRO and Photonizer

"I follow the team in their preparation, training and in the competitions. When we started collaborating with ACCAPI, as they are professional athletes, they wanted to know the characteristics of the Nexus fibre in details and the functions both fo the underwear and of the "Photonizer 4-14.

At first, it was mainly curiosity. Then, thanks to the progressive improvement in their general state of well-being, the athletes gained increasing confidence. Today the Whole team used the Photonizer as a matter of course, even outside the sport context.

The intense competitive activity subjects these girls to high rate of stress and intense dehydration. Since they have begun using the PHOTONIZER on continuous basis, they have begun to feel the need to drink more frequently, positively changing their habits."