Coach and President of the Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Italy
Products: ACCAPI FIR base-layer PRO and Photonizer

"As part of my research in sport, I came across Accapi with its products made from ACCAPI FIR. I found the first effect by making the athletes sleep in Accapi FIR underwear. After very intense training, such as for example squatting with 130kg for 15 repetitions, the day after they normally have muscular pain. Wearing the AccapiFIR articles as they slept, they did not feel this pain. Therefore, after improved recovery, the athletes can resume training with greater workloads. Anther effect found was increased diuresis.

Drinking water with the "Photonizer 4-14" allows rapid elimination of waste. In bodybuilding, we are always looking for what we call maximum muscular "definition": i.e. to weigh as much as possible, but with a minimum percentage of fat. I recommend using "Photonizer 4-14" also because it educates us to drink more water and this is very important.

I contribute to a magazine, considered the best in the sector, which is called Olympian's News. It is a fitness and bodybuilding magazine in which, in my letters' column, I have already written about the "Photonizer 4-14" and underwear. After publishing the article, I began to receive countless e-mails from athletes and readers who confirmed the same thing. I should point out that in the article I didn't say that ACCAPI FIR increases recovery, I only vaguely mentioned increased diuresis. On the other hand, everybody told me that they had slept in the ACCAPI FIR articles and no longer had any pain or stiffness, recovering better."