Gymnastics Federal coach, Italy
Products: ACCAPI FIR base-layer PRO, Photonizer, Socks and Bodyguards

"My first weeks of training with Accapi clothing were last fall, with the walls of the gym already cold and the usual difficulty to warm my joints. I was lucky to have a big kit of ACCAPI FIR clothing, from shirts and tights, to socks, to the back guard (something you must have if you practice a sport like mine) and the Photonizer. As of now I feel a great comfort in terms of temperature: the heat is pleasantly consistent, even when you sweat a lot, and the classic peaks hot / cold when you stop for rest are much less noticeable. I find it also perfect to prevent contractures, as well as for training comfort.

The feeling of the material initially it's a bit strange, but I soon became accustomed and the fabric is practically my second skin after some training. The ACCAPI FIR kit is perfect and also gives me the feeling of being dry while sweating and also after the session. Gymnastics is a sport with very high impact, so we know what it's like to feel stuck and broken: the ACCAPI FIR is a little like oil on the chain…"