Cyclist Coach, United Kingdom
Products: ACCAPI FIR base-layer PRO and Socks

"The comfort and fit of the garments is second to none- I wear them each time I have finished a training session of high intensity and/or endurance. Although I think the benefits will be more noticeable when I begin the my next training block (2 training camps, in Wales and Tuscany) I can certainly feel 'something' going on that is a positive benefit- more so to my legs (obviously!)Normally after a hard, high intensity turbo session my legs ache in a certain way that I have become used to over the years.

This 'ache' has now been reduced so much from wearing the bottoms that I wear them after every session. I think they will come into their own and be a real benefit when the racing begins- especially during stage races and back to back events.

When I wear the garments the only way to describe the feeling is one of a comfortable, natural second skin with a very gentle strangely warming, subtly tingling sensation that at once relaxes, warms and cools.

A post training pleasure to be honest. The socks are also without doubt the most comfortable I have ever ridden in."