GEORG PIAZZA Ski Runner, Italy


""Even if skyrunning is now my main focus sport activity, originally I was mountain biking in the Elite category for several years.

Thanks to my past as a cyclist I now practice also sports like duathlon and triathlon, one of the race I competed in for example is the "Oetzi-Alpin-Marathon", a very tough race that features mountain biking, skyrunning and ski mountaineering.

I recently started to use Accapi FIR garments during my training sessions and they really impressed me for their lightness and their capacity to stretch to follow my every movement, my feedback was so positive that I decided to use them also during the races right away.

I think that this choice was the right one, since that on the first race I used the Diamond Running top and bottom I was able to win the Italian title of Sky Marathon…

In the meantime, I'm using Accapi FIR products during my training sessions but also during my relaxation time, and I must say that they really seem to help me in enduring and then recovering my strength after all the physical efforts.

Accapi garments really proved themselves a multi-purpose discovery, since I use them both during my training session and my trail running races, but also when I go out with my mountain bike or when I go for some ski and in my free time!"