Medical Device Class I
Directive 93/42/EC

The BioDYR Medical device is Functional Underwear for Men, made using a unique fibre that issues a natural and constant energy in the infrared frequency range with a wavelength of between 4 and 14 microns.

The constant emission of infrared rays improves blood circulation, in particular the peripheral micro-circulation, increasing the blood flow to the male genital organs which provides greater local vascular dilation.

BioDYR Functional Underwear for men assists in improving issues relating to erectile dysfunction
When it is worn it has a painless, beneficial effect which is quick with lasting effectiveness over time on the male genital organs and leads to improvement in sexual function

  • IMPROVEMENT in blood circulation, in particular in the areas of peripheral micro-circulation
  • INCREASED muscle oxygenation useful for combating hypoxia phenomena which underlies structural changes and dysfunction in the penis due to advancing age and in the presence of comorbidity
4 and 14μm The power of our infrared
  • GREATER vascular dilation
  • RELAXATION of the muscle

Vascular dilation and relaxation of the muscle are at the base of the neuro-motor phenomena responsible for erectile function


At the La Sapienza University of Rome – Department of Medical Pathophysiology a study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the "active" fibre, from which the BioDYR products are made, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The various tests were conducted without concomitant assumption, on the part of the patient, of any medication that could induce a distorted assessment of the results.

The effectiveness of the active fibre was evident in a short time (within a few hours) and lasting over time

83% of patients who underwent the tests, express a positive opinion of the results (very positive 46%) and experienced an improvement in their own erectile function of over 30%, when measured according to the IIEF-5 index.

35% of patients who underwent the tests said they experienced an immediate positive effect as soon as they put it on, while 65% indicated positive effects after several hours.

During the course of the day, the effects remained constant, even after removing the underwear (for example at night), in 42% of subjects tested.
While in 52% the effects were maintained as long as the underwear remained in contact with the organ.

70% of subjects who underwent the tests, stated a desire to continue using the underwear.

BioDYR Functional Underwear for Men is a completely natural remedy with no side-effects of any kind. It can be used safely by those who want to feel confident of their own erectile function.

It is a safe, pain-free, quick, non-invasive, discreet and comfortable solution for significantly improving male sexual function. It does not have a localised constriction effect or require the use of additional substances and its action does not diminish over time.

BioDYR Functional Underwear for Men is available as a brief and a boxer, in various colours and sizes. The product can be worn in place of regular underwear. We recommend that the underwear is worn for at least 12 hours a day, even if the device displays signs of its active properties within just a few hours. Its properties remain undiminished over time even after repeated washes

To maintain the beneficial effects obtained, continue to use as a substitute for normal underwear


30%improvement in erectile function according to the international IIEF-5 index.

83%patients tested gave a positive assessment deriving a consistent benefit in terms of erectile function.


65%patients declared they had positive first effects within a few hours from initial use.


70%subjects tested stated a desire to continue using the underwear.

The product is patented.

This information is for the exclusive use of health professionals. Not for public use.


The BioDYR products are available in black with one models (boxers) and three sizes, hiding their highly technological heart very well. To the eye and touch they are garments of the finest quality, soft and comfortable for a discreet and easy wear in absolute freedom.

They do not irritate the skin, do not cause overheating, do not bulge under clothing, on the contrary they have a clean, smooth and enwrapping design.

Soft and comfortable, they can be worn for long hours, even for the entire day and throughout the night. For this reason, they can absolutely replace normal underwear.


minimum 12 hours a day.

Continue the application, replacing standard underwear, to improve and preserve the beneficial effects that have been obtained.