At ACCAPI, we've made it our vision to enrich the world with innovations; to offer solutions vs products and to help everyone to LOOK AS GOOD FROM OUSTSIDE AS THEY FEEL GOOD FROM INSIDE. Under the Strategic Sales umbrella there are four programs designed to spread the COE love and help raise the level of Wellness, Recovery and Performance in our various different communities.

Wholesale Recovery Program

We partner with leading physiotherapy centres and offer to their patients the medical certified recovery gears to support their treatments for better and faster results.

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Wholesale Sport Program

We partner with leading fitness, martial arts, sports clubs and yoga studios to provide complete and tailored performance active wear solutions to help reaching each individual goals.

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Ambassador Program

We help individuals and teams to get access to the top notch athletic gear tailored for their activities so they can push harder and inspire others by their achievements and motivations.

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Distributor Licensee Program

We believe in business proximity to better understand and serve our consumers. Also working with local specialized distributors is a fundamental part of our Go To Market.

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