Balance • Flexibility • Energy Saving

A unique performance garment using ACCAPI Equilibrium Technology to enhance control of movement and balance with more stretching capabilities.

Naturally improve your body balance and posture

It is the perfect seamless wear and base-layer body fit solution if you are looking for enhancing control of your postural stability and improving your stretching.

It is also recommended for elderly with body balance challenges as limiting the risk of falls.

Recommended for:
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Performance tops, pants All year

Other benefits:

  • Excellent ergonomic structure to perfectly contain muscular mass for minimum of energy dispersion while maintaining maximum comfort.
  • Ensures excellent fluidity of movement
  • Enhances stretching capability
  • Excellent thermal insulation and transpiration
  • Takes humidity to the exterior, keeping the skin dry
  • Antibacterial treated


Naturally improve your body posture and balance

In many sports, a control of balance and posture are among the key factors to reaching peak performance. After several years of research, ACCAPI Laboratory developed the Equilibrium Technology (EQT) garment, and as any technology ACCAPI developed, proving its benefits was important.

SportVille Wellness Technology Centre of Noventa Padovana in Italy tested the ACCAPI EQT products under the supervision of two leading researchers – Dr. Giovanni Bavaresco and Dr. Lorenzo Lai – and using a well-recognized stabilometric platform called Cyber-Sabots.


Reach the perfect balance
between physical and spiritual